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HX catalysts

Frontline Innovation Starter

Tap into your brightest ideas to accelerate growth

Your frontline is your biggest asset

Tap into their brightest ideas. Listen, engage and turn them into champions of change, so you can accelerate your strategic growth.

With Forsta you can

  1. Engage employees and enable them to make an impact: Your frontline knows what counts, and what doesn’t. So, put their knowledge to work.
  2. Reduce costs and optimize efforts: Get the experts to improve the way things are done, so your organization is more efficient
  3. Co-create and accelerate time to market: Launch challenges within a day to rapidly make dramatic changes
  4. Innovate constantly and stay ahead of the curve: Customers want the next big thing –from you or someone else – so meet their expectations by innovating all the time.

How it works

  • Always-on continuous listening post
  • 5 strategic challenge sites with proprietary ranking mechanism
  • Integrated review management
  • Business case creation and feasibility analysis
  • 1 annual recognition program

We’re here to support

  • Platform setup and maintenance
  • Listening post/challenge site setup and branding
  • Training support
  • End-to-end project management

Frontline Innovation can be used across the organization:

Human resources
  • Employee engagement
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Reduced employee chur
  • Cost reduction
  • Continuous improvement
  • Change management
  • Cost reduction
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation
Product & innovation
  • Product enhancement
  • Continuous innovation and patents
  • Product design and strategy
Sales & marketing
  • Market share and mind share
  • Sales enablement / transformation
  • Brand positioning and differentiation

Check out our full range of HX Catalysts

HX Catalysts are bespoke technology and dervices modules that accelerate your CX program for maximum business impact.

Get in touch with the Forsta team to learn more.


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