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Customer Needs Solution

Know your customers better than they know themselves.

HX Catalysts: Customer Needs Solution

Customer needs solution

Do you know what your customers need now and what they’ll need later?

Do you act quickly and effectively to meet changing customer expectations?

Can you deliver on your promises at optimal cost?

Closing the customer say-do gap has never been easier. With Forsta’s Customer Needs Solution you can identify [true] customer needs, prioritize investments and maximize efforts for impact. Even when they don’t tell you everything you need to know.

By digging deeper into your customer’s minds, you ensure you’re delivering exactly what they need – high-quality products and services. Not only that, but getting your priorities straight will help optimize efforts, reduce operational costs and drive new revenue opportunities.

With Forsta you can:

  • Identify what your customers need and want and see how your teams are delivering them today.
  • Secure leadership buy-in to align your business behind strategic initiatives.
  • Understand the gap between the products and services you provide and what your customers really need.
  • Understand the detailed root causes of success or failure for product ideas, brand and engagement concepts.
  • Predict the future needs of your customers and line up internal efforts to execute on them.
  • Resolve change friction by better preparing your team to execute on improvements.

Customer Needs Solution

  1. Readiness assessment:
    • Forsta and ICG will design and deliver a rapid assessment survey to help you understand your readiness to consistently deliver a differentiated experience. Try it out for free.
    • We’ll give you advice and guidance on project scope, launch, and exec engagement.
    • You’ll receive in-depth analysis of how you listen to your customers across all channels; your mindset to act; and your skills and capabilities to meet the needs of your customers.
  2. Enhanced engagement:
    • Forsta and ICG will design and deliver a bespoke research project to help you understand your customer’s current needs and future wants.
    • We combine existing customer feedback data, and generate new customer intel as required.
    • We will build you an NLP/ML model that codifies all unstructured customer feedback data into needs and wants categories.
    • We’ll deliver a proven framework that activates and measures performance against customer needs and wants.

With the Customer Needs Solution, you’ll also get:

  • Workshops for root cause analysis, ideation, and organizational alignment.
  • A comprehensive report on findings and recommended actions, both short & long term, together with a plan to improve operating efficiencies.
  • A strategic roadmap designed to reimagine your CX activities.

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