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Helping Blauw’s clients ease into success

Tools used

  • Deck creation
  • Cross tabulation
  • Infographic dashboards
  • CX and EX management
  • PowerPoint batch reporting

How our software helped market research and consulting company Blauw Research meet its own expectations and get their clientele to the next level.

The challenge

Meeting great expectations with great software

Blauw wanted to evolve and had big demands:  software that could bring data together on one system and help clients with long-term strategizing. All without the one-size-fits-all approach that they’d found so disappointing in competitor software.  

Blauw wanted its clients to have greater insights with the freedom to do things their way.  

We had a lot to prove.

“Forsta is one of the best software providers in reporting. It was soon obvious the best solution was to partner with them, so they could focus on tooling and reporting and we could focus on implementing and making the whole Voice of the Customer program a success within the organization.”

Martin van de Broek
Research Consultant

Our solution

Keep it loose

We built a Blauw-branded system for flexible, visual data reporting and customer experience management. We knew Blauw had very diverse clients so we made sure everything – from the survey questions to the responsive dashboard – was easy to customize.

The results

Winning the race no matter your speed

With the new enterprise feedback system, Blauw became confident that we had them fully covered on tooling and reporting. It freed them up to work on their own evolution.  

And Blauw’s clients could also focus on themselves by creating new modules at their own pace, all while benefitting from our flexible software.

Helping Blauw’s clients ease into success

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Closer to customers. Ahead of competitors.

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