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Getting NetPop into developers’ brains

Tools used

  • Concept canvas  
  • Digital diaries

How our software helped marketing research and strategy consulting firm NetPop forge a better approach.

The challenge

Bothering busy people in the name of research

A major tech firm came to NetPop to lay down the challenge: learning what goes through app developers’ heads when they make purchases.

The study wasn’t going to be easy. Seven countries, several languages, multiple international moderators and multi-language translations, different teams in different markets – and a notoriously busy study target.  

It all added up to a lot of data that was going to be hard to get and hard to analyze. 

With the topic so complex and the timeline so tight, could we pull NetPop over the finish line? 

“What I loved about using Forsta for this study was that we were able to get into developers’ brains in a very different way. The topic is very technical— and one that developers naturally approach logically— but we were able to access a much deeper, more emotional side. Left brain really met right brain and it was brilliant.”

Cate Riegner
Co-Founder and Vice President, NetPop Research

Our solution

Worldwide research? Tight deadline? No problem.

Our app allowed NetPop’s research team to do multiple critical tasks: online diary study, screenshot uploads of what developers were doing when they shopped, and craft questions for better info about developers from specific countries. We even gave them advice about scheduling research to avoid the holidays.

The results

Just in time for the high season

NetPop not only got the information it wanted, it completed its study ahead of schedule and wowed its client – just in time for eggnog season.

Getting Netpop into developers’ brains

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