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Forsta Surveys for a mobile world

Develop and deliver insights to maximize customer and brand experience

Develop and deliver insights to maximize customer and brand experience

Forsta Surveys can help you:

  • Create effective advertisements with copy testing
  • Improve customer loyalty through Customer Experience monitoring
  • Understand brand equity through Attitude, Awareness and Usage surveys

Survey programming

Device detection

Forsta Surveys use a device detection service to provide an optimized user experience. Device detection differentiates between devices such as tablets, feature phones, smartphone, TVs, desktops and laptop computers and then adjusts the device’s specification for optimized viewing. Can differentiate between 24,382 hardware devices and 241,413 combinations of browsers, operating systems and hardware with a detection accuracy of 99.9%.

Range of dynamic questions

Featuring an extensive range of pre-defined and mobile optimized engaging and dynamic question types. Forsta Surveys’ interactive question types require no heavily customized code to implement. Built-in questions include:

  • Standard questions – Single/Multi select, grids, numeric, drop down list, open end, comment text box
  • Dynamic – Card Sort, Rank Sort, Variety of Sliders, Star rating, Button Select, Autosuggest, MaxDiff
  • Media – Image Map, Text Highlighter, Media Evaluation, Video & Audio player, Page Timer, Heat-Click, Shopping Cart, Virtual Magazine
  • Qualitative – Video Testimonial, Image Upload
  • Logic nodes – To support integrations with 3rd parties such as QuantText, Imperium

Intuitive survey-building interface

Our highly versatile and feature-rich survey authoring interface to suit different user types includes:

  • An intuitive feature-rich GUI for non-technical users
  • An XML editor for more technical users to script with, providing the ability to apply further customizations using languages such as XML, Python, JavaScript,
    HTML5 and CSS
  • Multi-user editing feature that allows you to define sections of a survey and assign each to be programmed by other users

Theme editor & device preview

Whether you use pre-created templates or build your own, these features include:

  • Interface for creating customized branded survey themes/templates
  • Device preview to view a question as a respondent would see it in desktop, tablet and mobile view

Survey programming efficiencies

Don’t take our word for it; our clients tell us that programming productivity is up to 20-30% better than previously used tools. Methods to create efficiencies and increase speed of turnaround include:

  • Import from Microsoft Excel version of the questionnaire directly into Forsta Surveys – populates meta data (question and respondent instruction text, row and
    column labels)
  • Smart question library – save & import questions directly from a question library
  • Duplicate project option
  • Copy & paste from Microsoft Word directly into the interface
  • Reusable answer lists – save the answer options you create within one survey question for use in other questions, updates applied automatically to several questions at once.

Easy implementation of structural elements

Complex routing logic can be managed through the Survey Editor Interface or via direct syntax using Python language. Both methods allow for a very flexible and dynamic workflow. Easily create hidden questions for populating segments, auto-punching and advanced piping.

Pre-programmed sample sources

Enables users to plug in quickly to external panel partners (Dynata, Toluna etc) ) plus the ability to create your own custom-created sample sources and save for future use.

Sample Marketplace

Gives you the ability to directly procure sample for your research needs at a low cost. By leveraging the Forsta REST API, the Sample Marketplace connects sample supplier platforms to Forsta Surveys, allowing you to easily purchase and launch sample.

Built in multi-language system

Supports 80+ pre-defined languages & integrated overlay system for export, import & editing of translations. All system messages have been pre-translated into the supported languages.

Application translations

New translations have been added to allow users to view some of our most popular tools in several new languages. Application interfaces are now available in Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese.

Quota management

Our quota management tool is highly praised and uses a “least filled” system by default for respondents that can fall into multiple quota cells. It’s very easy to create basic quotas from individual questions to more complex quotas derived from multiple questions using the logic builder. Quota management caters for non-interlocking, interlocking (nested), randomly assigned and priority-based quotas.

Flexible & highly extensible

Allows users to implement multiple programming languages inside the Forsta platform via the built-in XML editor. Makes it possible to integrate with external tools & applications (e.g. Sawtooth or Imperium).

Email management

Email send system for scheduling and sending tailored invites to respondents including delayed sends and reminder emails. Create and manage campaign templates for improved efficiency.

Make edits to live surveys

Edits can be made in a temporary version of the live survey without disrupting respondent entries or data collection. The live edit mode will also maintain the original survey link, allowing you to continue to field as normal.

Survey quality assurance and change management

Version control & change management features

Forsta Surveys tracks all changes and iterations of the surveys, campaigns & templates with the ability to revert to their earlier versions if necessary.

Simulated data generator

Smart test data generator for stress testing of surveys prior to launch include:

  • Options to skip validations and run on qualified data only
  • Includes the ability to intelligently run custom test simulations to direct the path of the test data. For example, specifying list variables or forcing a specific answer to a question
  • Test data results can then be viewed using the online reporting solution for final checks prior to launching

Collaborative testing tools

Surveys can be tested in ‘test mode’. Forsta provides tools to assist and increase effectiveness when QA’ing surveys. The testing toolkit includes:

  • Task feature – Allows you to provide feedback to relevant parties and track the status of all open tasks (much like maintaining a checklist for capturing feedback)
  • Recorder – Allows users to track the current testing path to assist with identifying errors or issues that may arise during testing
  • Edit – Allows you to edit and modify the survey text in testing mode rather than toggling back to the user interface
  • Displaying with QA codes – This makes it easier to confirm that the correct conditions are included in a question

Reporting/data analysis

Fieldwork reporting

Field management tools offer comprehensive real-time metrics, campaign stats, shareable results with ability to drill down by language, browser type, operating system and other parameters

Wide range of data exports

Extensive range of export options available including SPSS, Excel, ASCII, triple-s and many others. Possible to create data layout templates that can be saved and for regular re-use

View responses report

Tool for tracking and viewing the progress of every respondent in a survey, very useful for projects with a low incidence rate

Data edits

Modify records either individually or in bulk based on conditions


Sophisticated reporting features include real time nested banners, table & chart controls, Stat Testing, customizable table statistics, data weighting (including RIM weights), advanced filters and splits. Includes integrated exports to PowerPoint, Excel and PDF.


Interactive Dashboards allow you to create your final deliverables and easily share with stakeholders

Research hub portal

The central hub of Forsta, where you can create, manage, review and collaborate on projects. Create pre-configured views and saved searches for accessing personalized views.

Additional information

The Forsta REST API is the tool for automating your workflow with the Forsta platform. It enables you to efficiently send and request resources to and from any project that you are working on. The API uses a REST abstraction along with HTTP verbs to map the operations needed for creating, accessing and modifying project, company or user data. For example, you can “Create” a new user, “Read” a list of users, “Update” an existing user and “Delete” a user. This allows for a clean, uniform API:

  • Progressive development cycle with regular releases of new features and
  • An abundance of storage space is included by default for multimedia file
  • Access to extensive online knowledge base for self-learning with extensive range of video tutorials and searchable articles
  • Comprehensive and structured on-boarding program
  • Professional Support – For over 15 years, Forsta has supported insights pros all over the world. Our battle-tested team can support any level of programming, field management, sample management and research strategy.

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