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Forsta SmartHub

Capture, analyze and respond to customer feedback in real-time from a single, centralized hub.

For the first time, you can easily capture and map all customer data from all your customer touchpoints into an intelligent hub. By moving beyond survey results and adding customer data such as call center interaction, social media and past-purchase information, you can generate new insights and initiate tactical and strategic actions to drive business performance improvements.

Forsta SmartHub allows you to:

  • Gain richer insights into your customer or employee feedback by mapping many data sources together, such as business, market and employee data
  • Ensure the right relationships are established between various sources, by structuring data according to the analytics you need to perform
  • Avoid annoying contacts with too many survey invitations by controlling email frequency
  • Improve scalability and performance, especially on larger volumes of data
  • Minimize manual intervention by having the latest results automatically available in your dashboard
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Map and link sources together and perform data anlysis

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Perform real-time synchronization of new and updated data

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Import and monitor external data to SmartHub

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Ease the setup, administration and monitoring of data sources

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Monitor contacts such as customers and employees across different data sources via a central contact database

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Control the frequency of emails with Contact Frequency Rules

What can Forsta SmartHub do for my business?

Forsta SmartHub helps you achieve a richer view of your customers and markets by bringing different types of data in alongside survey data. This allows you to analyze all data together to provide context for, and add depth to, all your customer and market feedback. Ultimately this helps you make smarter and faster decisions to drive your business forward.

Combining multiple data sources

External data can be brought in from many different levels to Forsta SmartHub, utilizing survey databases, custom databases or contact databases where appropriate. You can then map data sources so you can then report on and analyze them as one data set.

A key component of SmartHub is the SmartHub Loader. This is a component that continuously monitors all data sources that have been mapped to any hub. The Loader will check for changes in schema and data.

Whenever any change is detected, an incremental import of changed data/schema will start. This happens automatically, so you will always have near real-time data available for reporting and analytics without having to perform manual updates. When importing data into the repository, the designer in SmartHub provides for easy setup, administration and monitoring of all data sources.

Monitoring contacts

Forsta SmartHub allows you to establish a central repository of contacts, such as customers or employees, which is automatically synchronized as respondent data is added to your surveys. To do this, you have a key that uniquely identifies your contacts, such as a customer ID or email address. This is automatically populated from respondent data in the survey databases.

Part of HX

Forsta SmartHub is a key module of Forsta Plus, our award-winning software solution for Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement and Market Research programs. Forsta Plus provides you with richer insights, so you can make smarter decisions and react faster to business needs. You can listen to what customers are saying across a range of different channels, analyze that information and assign actions appropriately to move business forward.

Controlling email frequency

One of the continuing challenges of running surveys is respondent apathy, which can be caused by respondents receiving too many survey requests. To avoid this, we have introduced Contact Frequency Rules in Forsta SmartHub, which help you to control the frequency of emails being sent out and to avoid over-surveying your contacts.


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