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Forsta services

Expert support for your CX program

Forsta professional services are organized by specialty to assist you with every stage of your CX program.

CX consultants

With an average of 17 years industry experience, our CX consultants provide best practice, advice and guidance. All focused on achieving your desired outcomes and providing value to your business.

Program management

Project managers from both the research and technology fields will work with your CX leaders and senior executives to land business impact on time and within budget.

Technical consultants

Our technical consultants build and immerse you in customer specific solutions, enabling ownership of the program and autonomy within the platform.

Support specialists

Our support specialist are there for you whatever the reason. From simple to complex/ infrastructure issues, we’ll respond and fix fast.

  • Flexible engagement: always available, never mandated
  • Strong expertise, always ahead of the problem
  • The full experience: methodologies incorporating qual, quant and beyond