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Forsta Plus Panel Management

Gain deep insight into attitudes and behavior

The ability to build and maintain a high-quality panel is a critical component for market research firms and many Customer Experience programs.

So, you need technology to make sure you can develop and maintain high-quality panels with powerful, yet easy-to-use sampling feature that get you the rapid response your clients demand.

Forsta provides two levels of panel management solutions to suit your needs

Standard panel

Fully integrated within Forsta Plus, this module allows up to 1 million panelists and accommodates standard panel management and sampling requirements.

Professional panel

Fully integrated within Forsta Plus, this module allows up to 5 million panelists, accommodates standard panel management and sampling requirements. Additionally, Professional Panel supports a wide variety of complex sampling requirements, such as concurrent sampling and sub-sampling. Regardless of which level of panel management you need, our solutions are designed to support your business priorities and maximize your return on investment.

Streamline all your panel processes

Panel Database

Provides a panelist-centric view of all profile and survey data, while offering scalability and performance to meet your business needs

Profile Survey

Allows the recruitment and profile process to take place in multiple iterations to reduce survey fatigue. Provides complete flexibility to customize ‘look and feel’

Community Portal

Offers customizable ‘look and feel’ to create engaging Community Portals for panelists and lets panelists be self-sufficient

Panel Management

Provides a range of tools for managing the panel database and outputting data for example to optimized files for sampling

Sample Management

Ensures high quality, reliable, and representative sample draws. Automates recurring sampling tasks while treating panelists as individuals

Survey Management

Provides the ability to deliver relevant surveys that increase response rates through the use of panelist profile data. Drives automation into questionnaire quality assurance, and on-the-fly verification processes

Optimize processes using a fully integrated panel management solution

Forsta Panel Management solutions are fully integrated within the Forsta Plus survey and reporting platform. Our all-in-one research solution greatly improves your efficiency while reducing the overhead of managing multiple systems. All users in your organization can use one familiar system for all aspects of your research, including:

  • Panel design and management
  • Panelist portal design
  • Sampling
  • Survey design, management and deployment
  • Report creation and distribution

Improve the panelist experience and grow response rates with mobile panel portals

Forsta’s Panel application delivers a seamless mobile portal experience to improve panelist engagement by leveraging their preferred devices. Forsta’s Panel app is an easy-to-use, but powerful tool that provides your panelists the most important features right from their mobile device: — View and edit their profile

  • View their credits or incentives
  • Receive survey opportunity push notifications
  • Respond to surveys
  • Pause and resume surveys in case of interruption
  • Allow panelists to take photos or select photos already on their device

Easily collect in-the-moment feedback

Beyond the basics, Forsta’s Panel app includes the latest technologies to improve the speed, quality, and depth of the data you collect via respondent’s mobile devices.

  • Collect and analyze customer behavior data such as the path to purchase, promotion conversion rates, and more
  • Correlate customer behavior with purchase patterns and demographics
  • Get in-the-moment feedback to drive improved customer experience and better service

Extend your panel capabilities

The Forsta Panel APIs extend beyond the core panel functionality allowing customization for greater flexibility and control over your panel management process. Using Forsta’s Panel APIs, you can:

  • Manage panelist profile data
  • Manage panelist survey history data
  • Manage panel credits (points) for incentive programs for panelists
  • Manage and run sample jobs

Using Forsta’s Flex Extension you can also create your own custom portals outside Forsta to include dynamic content from the panel. This can be used to verify panelists’ login, include profile data in the portal, and present survey lists to panelists.

Use Forsta panel management solutions to:

Maximize ROI

  • Scale your panel projects as required
  • Manage multiple unique panels
  • Support your incentive programs

Respond quickly

  • Automate your panel management tasks, such as recruitment, data import and export, and verification of panelist profiles
  • Optimize utilization of available sample

Maintain panel quality

  • Reduce respondent survey fatigue using incremental recruitment and profiling
  • Report on panel composition
  • Control the ‘look and feel’ of surveys to meet internal or external requirements
  • Enhance the community experience of your panels with portal-building tools

Improve efficiency with advanced panel management and reporting

Forsta Panel Management solutions are feature-rich tools that enable a wide range of activities including:

  • Manual and automatic updates to the panel database and survey history
  • Data transformation, cleaning, recoding, importing, and exporting
  • Creation of optimized data files for sampling
  • Development of alerts based on panelist data

Forsta Panel Management provides a wide range of reporting and analysis options. Using the in-built panel reporting services, you can view detailed reports of panel composition and survey history, sample outcomes, and generated sample files. You can also move panel data to other analysis tools as required.

Optimize panel utilization with flexible and targeted sampling

To avoid over-sampling, the sampling engine provides flexible filtering and panelist management. Forsta’s industry-leading sampling engine helps you maximize sample selection to reduce the time spent on sample operations while achieving high quality to increase your panel utilization rates, deliver more accurate survey results, and saving time and resources across your panel processes

Extend the panelist database with additional data from surveys

The Forsta Panel APIs extend beyond the core panel functionality allowing customization for greater flexibility and control over your panel management login, include profile data in the portal, and present survey lists to panelists.

Keep track of panelist credits

Forsta Panel Management can also keep track of ‘points’ earned by panelists responding to surveys. These points can be set at any position in the survey, and you can allow panelists to earn points for individual sections of the survey, or based on survey status or other criteria. The credit system also keeps track of any redemption the panelists make, giving an overview of credit history and current status. Each individual transaction is logged, and can be accessed by panel managers. You can also run Data Processing on transactions, and present all information to the panelists in a Community Portal.


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