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Insight and action from your mobile phone

Information drives businesses. So, shouldn’t your most important information be readily available – even when you are on the go?

What is Forsta Go?

With Forsta Go, you can surface your most important insights, share it with your colleagues and take action, all from your mobile phone.

Forsta Go is our premier mobile app. It makes it easy for you to view dashboards and easily access the latest, most relevant insights wherever you are.

Dashboards are easily configurable and can be tailored to suit your specific business needs. With Forsta Go, you can use a wide variety of filters to tailor your views and drive action. In this way, you can see exactly what you need to see – your metrics, charts, customer comments, and more. With Forsta Go, you can even have multiple dashboards, so you have maximum flexibility in organizing your information in a way that makes the sense for your needs.

Best of all, the Forsta Go experiences you create can also serve as configurable templates that you can easily share and reused across your organization. This is a great way to quickly provide your entire team with powerful, personalized views. And, Forsta Go has Digital Feedback capabilities, so you can easily ask dashboard users for feedback and suggestions.

In addition to incredible mobile dashboards, Forsta Go supports Action Management too! In this way, your case managers can work cases when they are on the go. Case alerts appear as mobile notifications, so you can take action and resolve your customers’ issues without missing a beat!

Forsta Go enables you to:

  • Benefit from mobile dashboards that support your business goals and operations
  • Build a fast moving, responsive, data-driven culture by making key information available wherever they are
  • Easily share key information with colleagues in order to formulate coherent, quick, meaningful actions
  • Enable case managers to quick respond to Action Management cases to resolve customer issues quickly
  • Leverages the full power of Forsta

How can Forsta Go help my business?

People are more mobile than ever before! And they need quick, convenient access to key information that is important to your business. Forsta Go puts those key insights, dashboards, metrics, alerts, and case management on your mobile so that you can access it anytime, anywhere. Now, your team can be more responsive, no matter where they are.

Best of all, Forsta Go is highly configurable so you can easily optimize users experience and dashboards so your team can get the most out of Forsta Go.

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