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Five techniques to build a successful study

Digital qualitative research can yield an extremely rich view of people’s lives, we just need to pause and consider the best way to approach it. The online medium is different, and as a result, the research approach needs to adapt. Forsta is built upon the principle of getting participants to engage in activity-based research (Activity Design), rather than a traditional question and answer-based approach. This allows researchers to tap into the following:

  • Behaviors: Diaries and journals; capturing the moment in time.
  • Emotions: Specific feelings; tell us about a time that really frustrated you, draw a picture of how you feel, tell us about a time you were surprised by customer service, etc. These types of questions really open people up in ways that direct questions will not.
  • Context: Environment, inventory, choices, out of box experiences; glean rich understanding as people narrate their journeys.

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