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Episode 08: Sven Gierlinger | Northwell Health

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Can a patient transform the healthcare industry?

When it comes to healthcare, the patient experience goes beyond just the physical.

Sven Gierlinger, Chief Experience Officer at Northwell Health, is the vanguard of change in patient experience at Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider.  

In conversation with Forsta CEO Kyle Ferguson, Sven reveals how his personal experience as a patient, and some learnings from his time in hospitality have inspired him to redefine the healthcare experiences at Northwell. For both arenas, it’s the human experience that matters. 

From responding to feedback, to championing a revolution in patient interactions, Sven’s insights are an absolute goldmine.
Time to tune in! 


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:18 Sven’s upbringing
  • 2:35 Early career
  • 8:44 What makes Northwell Health unique?
  • 12:17 the future of healthcare
  • 14:19 Mentorship and leadership style
  • 18:27 Balancing employee and patient experience
  • 23:26 Adopting to today’s informed patients
  • 26:18 Overlooked opportunities in healthcare
  • 29:13 A message to our law makers
  • 31:07 Views on AI
  • 33:38 A memorable experience in healthcare
  • 35:08 Sven’s leadership super power
  • 35:52 A career in another life? 
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Forsta HX Superheroes
Episode 08: Sven Gierlinger | Northwell Health