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Episode 07: Paul Abbott | Amex Global Business Travel

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Navigating business turbulence: Amex GBT’s journey of transformation 

Picture this: You have just taken on the role of CEO at the world’s largest travel management company in 2020, only to have all travel abruptly come to a halt within six months.  

The carefully crafted 5-year plan now hangs in uncertainty as revenue plummets by 85%.  

This is not a hypothetical scenario; it was the challenging reality faced by Paul Abbott, the CEO of American Express Global Business Travel.  

The latest HX Superheroes podcast is a masterclass in transforming business obstacles into opportunities, and using adversity as a catalyst for change.

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your room to embark on this trip around the world. 

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  • 0:00 Teaser
  • 1:20 Intro
  • 2:45 Meet Paul Abbott, CEO of Amex Global Business Travel.
  • 9:36 Trust: the foundation of any successful relationship.
  • 10:52 Wisdom for aspiring leaders.
  • 14:12 How the pandemic became a great opportunity.
  • 20:25 Stronger relationships.
  • 21:20 The pendulum swing towards culture.
  • 26:41 A digital-first business.
  • 28:10 Travel is a force for good.
  • 31:24 The traveler experience 10 years from now.
  • 33:02 Predicating events before they even happen.
  • 35:35 The superpower of clarity and belief.
  • 36:11 What’s the one thing Paul would change?
Forsta HX Superheroes
Forsta HX Superheroes
Episode 07: Paul Abbott | Amex Global Business Travel