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Digital feedback solutions

Turn digital journeys into real-time insights

What is Forsta Digital Feedback?

Forsta Digital Feedback help you turn digital journeys into real-time insights. Your website and your company’s apps, can be a powerful source for collecting feedback.

Your desktop website & mobile web:

With Forsta, you can launch unobtrusive, highly-targeted intercept surveys that work on any device (desktop, mobile, etc.), displayed according to your requirements, encouraging visitors to provide the feedback you need. Forsta’s digital technology is flexible, allowing you to leverage a wide variety of survey types and features. Best of all, managing it is easy so you don’t have to rely on web developers every time you need a change.

Your business is unique and can be demanding. Your needs are sophisticated. And you need a DIY solution that makes the complex, simple. That solution is Forsta. We recognize that your Digital channels are a powerful force representing the brand, driving sales, and engaging customers. But did you know they can do a whole lot more? They are also a great place to collect the data you need to better understand customers, prospects, markets, and employees.

Your apps:

Forsta’s Mobile SDK allows you to easily embed feedback collection into your mobile apps. We’ve designed this SDK to be fast, easy, flexible, and lightweight with minimal impact on your existing app. And, you have the power to choose how you deploy your SDK solution. You can choose an easy, lightweight web view-based solution, or a fully native visual solution that allows for unparalleled flexibility and embedding of feedback surveys with app content.

What are the benefits?

  • Show website visitors and app users that you care about their feedback in a way that is consistent with your brand image.
  • Collect rich, real-time feedback while reducing your reliance on developers.
  • Accurately profile your website visitors and app users to learn how you can improve their experience.
  • Uncover insights in real time so you can take immediate action.
  • Easily combine your digitalfeedback with feedback collected from other channels to support your omni-channel strategy.
  • Integrate data from other business systems, such as your CRM, to benefit from a holistic view of your.

With Digital Feedback you can
collect feedback on:

  • Website or app usability
  • Transaction and overall satisfaction
  • Exit/cart abandonment
  • Messaging or campaign feedback

Tell me about Forsta’s Reporting
for Digital Feedback.

Once you’ve collected the feedback you need, we provide you with the efficient and inspiring ways to use that data to support business decision making so you take action faster on customer demands and new market trends.

Our comprehensive reporting capabilities give you everything you need for powerful analysis, reporting, data visualization, dashboarding, and alerting. Whatever your skill level, we make it easy for you to design and share your insights through professional-looking, easy-to-understand, & real-time visualized stories that are guaranteed to inspire action. Moreover, our easy-to-use interface means that even your business users are empowered with self-serve capabilities – saving you a ton of time.

How can we ensure action will be taken on the digital feedback we receive?

Most people would agree that insights are only valuable when they drive actions that have a positive business impact. But did you know, there are two types of action? Both are equally important to improve your customer’s experience:

Tactical action: This refers to following up or closing the loop on individual customer issues. These are quick wins that help employees see that the customer experience is everybody’s job and show customers you care about their feedback.

Strategic action: Some issues are big, deep rooted and require sizable organizational changes supported by cross-functional teams to correct. While these types of action will take much more time to implement, they usually drive big results.

The most successful programs have a healthy mix of tactical and strategic action. Forsta’s Actions Module makes it easy for teams to take action on insights at both the tactical and strategic levels.

Forsta Action Management makes it easy for you to close the loop quickly. It automatically monitors your customer feedback for you and assigns issues to the correct department or individual based on configurable rules tailored to your unique business needs.

Forsta Action Planner is a collaborative tool that helps you organize, launch, and monitor strategic action initiatives. It can also help you identify tried and true, best practice actions to address your company’s challenges. As a collaborative tool, Action Planner is well equipped to provide recommended best practice actions along.

With Forsta’s Reporting you can:

  • Access quick, easy, at-a-glance survey performance detail
  • Effortlessly preform exploratory analyses on your data
  • Efficiently explore & visualize text analytics results
  • Give your team access to highly visual, real-time dashboards

What other digital challenges can Forsta solve?

While your app and website are generally your primary concern, the digital journey is potentially expansive. We wouldn’t want to miss any insights, so Forsta has equally expansive digital solutions ensuring your business has access to the richest insights possible.

Web surveys & mobile web: Forsta makes it easy for you to design engaging surveys leveraging dozens of different question types. Best of all, with Forsta you author a survey once, then you can efficiently deploy it across all your distribution channels, maximizing your results. Surveys are fully brandable and can include your multi-media files and can collect multi-media feedback.

Mobile app surveys: Forsta AskMe™ is a brandable online/offline mobile survey app that makes it easy for respondents to complete your surveys – even if they contain multimedia, like photos or videos.

Email, live chat, and more: Forsta Genius makes sense of unstructured data so you can understand how customers, employees, and the market think and feel at scale. Our advanced text analytics solution uses the latest in AI and machine learning to find topics and patterns in free-form text helping you draw meaning from your data.

Kiosks: Forsta Kiosk enables you to gather timely feedback from respondents via stations placed at target locations, such as hotels, stores, or transport centers. Ideal for conducting product or service testing surveys, Forsta Kiosk allows you to gather insight when it suits your respondents.

Telephone: Forsta IVR enables you to create pre-recorded automatic telephone surveys during which the customer responds to a brief series of questions. This allows you to easily gather insights from customer or employee phone calls.

Social media: Genius Social Analytics helps you listen to unsolicited social media feedback from consumers, markets, and employees to better understand their opinions about your company, brands, products, and trends that impact your business. Have clients following you on Facebook? Forsta’s direct connector with Facebook Messenger enables a super-easy, conversation-style chatbot survey. Simply embed a feedback link in your profile.

Audio/video: Want insights from IVR audio responses? Have a stockpile of contact center recordings? Want to collect video feedback? No problem. Forsta can help you with all that. Best of all, you can get deeper insights than ever before. In addition to an awesome audio and video files, you can leverage a speech-to-text with text analytics, automated emotion recognition, and tonal analysis to gain a deeper understanding of your respondents’ comments.

3rd party systems data: Generally, different types of customer data, such as web analytics, financial, transactional, and behavioral data, are stored in distinct purpose-built systems. The key to unlocking your data’s full potential is to work with Forsta to integrate information from your purpose-built systems with multi-channel feedback data to provide deeper detail and context. And our library of CRM connectors and open API strategy means you can integrate your data easier than ever before.

Why choose Forsta?

Forsta was built by insight pros, for insight pros and provides a self-service technology that lets you unlock powerful insights and tell captivating stories. Our end-to-end technology is extremely configurable and flexible providing an open API and expansive data collection capabilities alongside efficient and inspiring ways to use that data. Researchers all over the globe choose Forsta’s technology because of its ability to support sophisticated research projects.

Our flexible platform provides a foundation on which Research agencies can grow their business, opening new revenue streams and elevating their brand position.

Most importantly, we’re more than a software vendor. We’re your partner, an extension of your team who will help you use our solutions to break down barriers, deliver mind-blowing insights, and turbo-charge your business.

When you find that the “light-weight” products on the market just aren’t enough, Forsta delivers configurability, depth, flexibility, and power so you can deep-dive into markets, brands, and people’s experiences, emotions, and behaviors and fuel business decisions so you’re always one-step ahead of your competition.

Flexible & configurable DIY technology with comprehensive services and open APIs

Pull your data together
  • Data agnostic
  • Multi-Channel data collection with custom branding
  • Sophisticated survey design
  • Multi-lingual & mobile responsive
Uncover deeper
  • Powerful hierarchy management
  • Robust data processing capabilities
  • Easy-to-use, built-in structured & unstructured data analytics
  • Metric & benchmark agnostic
Tell your data’s story visually
  • Easy dashboard design for any skill level
  • Self-serve, easy-to-use, real-time visualized Stories
  • Role-based & individualized dashboards & infographics
  • Custom branding
Take action &
monitor impact
  • Close the loop with individual customers
  • Mobile action management
  • Collaborative strategic initiatives
  • Monitors actions’ Impact

Forsta’s solutions

Data collection

We’re data agnostic with an open API. You can leverage our open APIs to bring in data from virtually any source. Don’t have the data you need? Forsta supports all your multi-channel data collection needs. Easily design even the most sophisticated multi-channel, multi-lingual surveys once and deploy them across any/all your preferred channels, including: CAPI, CATI, kiosks, email, websites, mobile (web, apps, SDK), SMS, paper, IVR, chatbots, and point-of-sale.

Digital Feedback

Forsta Digital Feedback help you turn digital journeys into real-time insights. You can easily launch unobtrusive, highly-targeted intercept surveys that work on any device. Forsta’s Mobile App SDK allows you to easily embed feedback collection into your mobile apps. And, it doesn’t stop there! Forsta can also help you collect data from other digital channels such as: Email, Live Chat, Kiosks, Telephone, Social media, Audio/Video Files, & data stored in 3rd party business systems.


With Forsta you can manage both tactical and strategic actions with advanced automation and collaboration. At a tactical level, Forsta Action Management automatically monitors your customer feedback and assigns issues to the correct person based on configurable rules so you can close the loop with customers quickly. At a strategic level, Action Planner is a collaborative tool that helps you organize, launch, and monitor strategic action initiatives.


All the most important aspects of Forsta are accessible from mobile devices to help you increase response rates and drive productivity. We’ve thought of everything! Not only are our surveys mobile responsive, they can be delivered via convenient mobile options. Additionally, we have mobile solutions guaranteed to enhance your staff’s productivity – from conducting field research to reviewing reports to taking action on feedback on the go.

Text and Social Analytics

Forsta’s advanced Text and Social Analytics technology uses the latest Machine Learning technologies to help you draw meaning from any source of unstructured text, such as survey verbatims, emails, CRM notes, social media, and more.

You can easily surface new topics and create/manage custom categorization and identify sentiment associated with unstructured feedback.


With Forsta, you have everything you need to administer efficient projects. The built-in centralized governance gives power-users control while providing for a variety of access levels to ensure you are empowering your business users with guardrails. You have the power to clean, edit, manipulate, weight, and map your data. You can easily identify new topics and trends, control multi-lingual translations, set quotas, metrics, KPIs, benchmarks, and monitor productivity.

Combining data

To provide you with a holistic view of your customer, Forsta makes it easy to map and combine multi-channel, multi-source customer data, and other contextual data, such as third-party benchmarks, in real-time from one intelligent, centralized hub. By moving beyond survey results alone and adding customer data, such as call center interaction, social media, and past-purchase information, you can generate deeper insights than ever before.

Reporting & visualization

Forsta gives you everything you need for powerful analysis, reporting, data visualization, dashboarding, and alerting. Whatever your skill level, we make it easy for you to design and share your insights through professional-looking, easy-to-understand, & real-time visualized stories that are guaranteed to inspire action.


We’ve carefully vetted and chosen to work with a wide variety of partners to ensure our clients have access
to the broadest scope of technology and services possible. Our partner portfolio includes partners offering
additional capabilities for:

  • Direct, indirect, & inferred data (e.g. video analytics)
  • Consulting
  • Technical services ( e.g. CATI dialers)