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Data hub for CX

Get your data singing in harmony

No more silos and data slipping into the void. Our centralized data hub brings all your sources together, so your data syncs, links and turns into insights you can use. Ensure your call center interaction links with product usage data and understand purchase history all in one place.

Bringing it together

Achieve a richer view of your customers and markets by bringing all that data into one place. CRM, survey, social media, financial data can all
be analyzed together. With our intelligent mapping, you can add depth and context and in turn make smarter decisions to improve CX.

Keep your contacts close

Keep a central set of contacts that is automatically synced. Each contact, regardless of data source, has a unique key to identify them.

Stay out of the spam

Don’t overload your employees, customers or participants. Easily set up rules to determine how often you contact them. Stay the right side of communicative.

Key features

data repository

Feature-rich, data repository

Combine multiple data sources into a single database for easy mapping, real-time synchronization and analysis.

Centralized contact database

Monitor contacts across different sources in one place.

Email frequency control

Don’t spam, control the frequency of communication easily.

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