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Bring the outside in

API for short. Application Programming Interface for long. Our platform plays well with others – bringing data from different channels and sources all into one place. Bring your customer data home.

Platform integrations - Bring the outside in

How Forsta wrangles
customer data


Obtain information

Our system can pull information from data warehouses, surveys, CRM systems and social media – all at the same time.


Digest the raw stuff

Most Business Intelligence platforms can’t read the raw data that goes into market research. Ours can. It’s fluent in SPSS and Triple-S.


Pull it apart

Once we’ve worked our magic, you’ll finally be in control. Look through data from each source. Or analyse it as a combined dataset.


Put it together

The next step? That’s entirely up to you. Share an actionable overview. Report in granular detail. Tell a visual story.


Choose a data bank with high security

Our platform has all the tools you need to turn lists of names and numbers into living breathing dashboards. A template library and drag-and-drop tools let you reinvent reporting so it’s visual, interactive, and accessible from anywhere. 

Choose a data bank with high security


Put the party in third-party data

Combining data sources can be enjoyable. We’ll prove it to you.