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Digital diaries and communities

Connect the dots on your customer journey

Capture insights in the moment of decision making. Get their input during key moments in their journey with activity-based diary entries. Build a community of your customers. Bring them together. Interact with them on your own mini social media platform. And then sit back and enjoy a priceless stream of in-the-moment insights.

Digital communities and diaries


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See how your brand fits into your customers’ lives 

Switch effortlessly between smartphone, tablet and computer. It’s easy to ask questions, and easy for them to respond with video, images, text or audio. Start the conversation, add interactive events, campaign ideas, prototype packaging – and get real-time feedback.


Your own mini social media app 

Want to know how people think, behave, and spend their money? Get them posting, commenting and sharing content – all on a live feed. Let them review website drafts, rate product packaging and respond to text stimuli.  So you get instant feedback on every new idea – from the very people you’re designing it for.


Unpack your data simply and insightfully 

When your data comes flooding in, Forsta has the tools to break it down however you like. View images and videos in galleries, generate word clouds, word trees and plenty more. 

professional services

Expert support, every step of the way

Everyone needs a hand sometimes. We provide a full range of services including project set-up, participant management, moderator training, recruitment, and translation. Plus, Forsta professional services are completely scalable to your needs.


“What I loved about using Forsta for this study was that we were able to get into developer’s brains in a very different way. The topic is very technical— and one that developers naturally approach in a very logical way— but we were able to access a much deeper more emotional side. Left brain really met right brain and it was brilliant.”  

Cate Riegner, Co-Founder and Vice President, Netpop  

Digital diaries and communities

Swap the cold data for real people 

Get in touch and we’ll show you what our platform looks like when you’re in the driver’s seat.