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Rio SEO is the leading local marketing platform provider for enterprise brands.

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When your business has locations all over the map

We make sure your customers can find you

Rio SEO’s Open Local Platform gets you seen. If you’re in multiple locations, we give you the tools to boost your brand visibility across all channels. From search engines to social networks, and beyond. We make sure you’re found everywhere you want and need to be. So when your customers are looking for you, you’re right there.

Hundreds of enterprise brands rely on our innovative technology and local marketing expertise to drive motivated, measurable online traffic to websites and physical locations. We currently serve Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries. From retail to restaurants, healthcare to hospitality, financial services and more.

Revolutionize the local search experience

Your customers want to know where you are. And when they can visit or how they can call.  What products you’ve got in stock, or what’s on your menu right now

But making sure all your business listings and location pages – hours, addresses, attributes – are up to date is a headache. We’ve got the remedy. 

Rio SEO’s Open Local Platform is a complete package of proven local marketing products that work together seamlessly to achieve your local marketing goals.

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Our purpose

We help global brands win at the local level. Our local marketing technology and expertise empower enterprise brands to create meaningful customer interactions, resulting in increased traffic and revenue. We drive tangible, measurable results, providing increased opportunity and enhanced accountability, for enterprise brands across the local search ecosystem.

Built for the enterprise

The Open Local Platform is extending the reach of leading enterprise brands. As the industry’s most advanced local-centric content management system, the Open Local Platform ensures data accuracy while providing the optimization tools needed to win local business even in highly competitive spaces.

Built to empower

With the Open Local Platform, enterprise brands have unprecedented, holistic insight and control of local marketing efforts, with the content management and optimization tools to drive customer interactions and win local business—all within a single dashboard.

Built for your business

We understand the growing demands of an enterprise brand and the ever-evolving needs of your customers. We also know no two businesses, locations, or consumers are alike. That’s why at Rio SEO you’re more than just a number. And we’re more than just our technology. We’re an agile extension of your team, with solutions at scale like no other.

Revolutionize the local search experience

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