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for moving email infrastructure to SendGrid

Q: Why are we moving to SendGrid?
A: The old mail agent will be decommissioned on January 1st, 2023 and moved over to SendGrid to help increase email deliverability and reporting.

Q: How will this affect my email sends?
A: If you have a domain alias and email address used for campaign sends and it is not set up with Sendgrid, you will need to get it set up. Please contact your account representative or our support team at SurveySupport@forsta.com.

Q: Will my CNAME and “From” email addresses that I set up previously be affected by this update?
A: If you have previously set them up through Sendgrid, no it will not be affected. If not, then please contact your account representative or our support team at SurveySupport@forsta.com to assist with setting it up.

Q: Who do I need to contact to get a domain alias set-up?
A: Contact your account representative or our support team – SurveySupport@forsta.com.

Q: Will this help with email deliverability and inbox placement?
A: Yes

Q: Are we going to be charged for utilizing SendGrid?
A: There is only a cost if you want your own dedicated SendGrid IP address, that ensures your email is deliverable to email inboxes. If not, then you will be part of our shared email send pool via SendGrid.

Q: Do I need to change/update anything within my company settings?
A: No changes or updates are required in your company settings.

Q: Are there any thresholds I need to be aware of?
A: On a dedicated IP, thresholds will be defined on set-up. On a shared IP address, a daily threshold will be defined in the future.

Q: Will any Campaign Summary Stats change?
A: No, the campaign summary stats will not change.

Q: Is SendGrid GDPR compliant?
A: Yes, based on Forsta Survey’s GDPR compliance. Refer to General Data Protection Regulation for more information.