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Unleash the power of the spoken word

Unleash the power of the spoken word

Our modern lives are encoded in data. We spend hours on our phones, in virtual meetings, on social media and much more. This unprecedented creation and demand for human-centered data is driving a shift in Experience and Research industries.

A shift from passive feedback to active conversations. A shift that’s putting emotion at the heart of feedback programs. And that shift brings great benefits to both sides: organizations and their customers.

Within your customers’ spoken words is a bottomless treasure chest of priceless gems at your disposal. All you need is the right system to record your customers’ voice data, and the expertise and technology to extract its true substance:

  • what they say (transcription)
  • how they say it (sentiment)
  • how they feel (emotion)

Put together, these precious gems build up a true picture of your customer’ feedback and help you drive action in a way that really impacts their satisfaction, and ultimately their retention.

Benefits of voice analysis

Voice analysis technology has come a long way since its cautious first steps. Experience and research professionals in various industries have now started paying greater attention to what their customers are saying. Studies* show that it is far easier for people to say what they mean by voice rather than typing. So much easier that they can say over twice as many words as they can type in the same time (125 words per minute instead of 52, on average). But that’s not even the best part! When people express themselves, they communicate more of their emotions and sentiments. In fact 38% of emotion is communicated through tone of voice.

So how is voice analysis done? Here’s Forsta’s recipe for success:

  • Recorded voices are accurately transcribed, and speakers identified across languages
  • Critical elements like pitch, tone, rhythm and intensity are then used to continuously score emotion, and the actual words toscore sentiment
  • And last but definitely not least, we make it easy to explore, analyze, and visualize all this data so you can take action.   

This recipe is vastly enhanced by the combination of speech recognition, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). That way you can grasp the true sentiment behind people’s voiced opinions. Even better, you can apply proven behavioral science to detect and analyze emotions based on how people speak. Can you imagine being able to listen out for 24 distinct voice characteristics every three seconds? Customer sentiment can add a bit of rocket fuel to your program.

Now, is that more data than you can possibly handle? Do you run the risk to create a data silo that might fail to deliver? Without the right partner, that could be true. But with Forsta’s dedication to data integration across all sources, you’re in good hands. We’ll help you set everything up from the start so that voice data becomes a natural part of the holistic view of your customers.

Recent technological leaps mean voice analysis can now add real value to any qualitative or quantitative program, especially when it comes to sentiment and emotion. Add voice to your data from videos, structured surveys, unstructured verbatims from social or emails – and the possibilities are endless. CX and insight professionals are now more than ever empowered to go further in understanding customers, go further in predicting behaviors, and go further in utilizing the full potential of their data-driven insights. And go further in putting emotion at the heart of their program.

* A. Mehrabian, UCLA


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