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Remember the date: 29th of November, 2021 Forsta has arrived

Confirmit, Dapresy and FocusVision have joined forces to create Forsta. Combining the best of all three brands, Forsta will break down the silos of different research styles – giving a new level of insight into human experiences. 

Everything in one place. Forsta puts all your research together to show you the full picture. 

The best in the business, combined 

The new Forsta platform includes some of the best, industry leading services from Dapresy, Confirmit and FocusVision. But this is far more than merely a name change. Since we announced the merger in March, we’ve been integrating our various tools. When combined, they become far more than the (already considerable) sum of their parts.  

With so many tools working in harmony, you’ll find our platform endlessly customizable. And you’ll have countless different ways to make each tool count. So you can focus on what makes your business unique. 

“We’re building the most comprehensive and connected experience and research technology platform the industry’s ever seen. We’re improving all the existing software – quantitative data capture, qualitative insights, advanced analytics, data visualizations – everything. By getting creative with connectivity and open data, we’ve created the fully connected ecosystem that enterprises and agencies are looking for.”  

Kyle Ferguson

CEO, Forsta

Delivering the creativity and continuity our clients expect 

We started this whole process by talking to our clients – listening to their ideas, concerns and ambitions. 

The result is a platform designed to help insight pros unleash their creative problem solving. Gather, slice and dice the data any which way you like, to find clever new ways of working smarter. Bring every touchpoint into play to test out your theories. So you can see the nuances of human behavior your competitors are missing. 

Continuity was a key theme from our client conversations. So that’s exactly what Forsta will deliver. Anyone using Dapresy, Confirmit or FocusVision tools will first see simply a name change, followed by a whole raft of improvements. Without a single day of disruption. 

Meet the people behind the datapoints 

Our name, Forsta, comes from a word meaning ‘understand’ in several Nordic languages. Forsta will make it easy and affordable to break down the silos of traditional research, and see real human experiences through the data. 

With a single platform, our clients can have all their research data in one place. Quantitative and qualitative insights sit side-by-side with social media listening and customer data.  

“Modern businesses face complex challenges in audience engagement, understanding and growth. We all know that no single approach, methodology or tool is the sole answer. Our industry’s future is going beyond the silos and the status quos, to get a fuller picture of human experiences. That’s why we’re so excited to launch Forsta – so you no longer have to settle for a partial view of your customers.” 

Kyle Ferguson, CEO, Forsta

We can’t wait to tell you more about what’s in store 

Get in touch with your Forsta Account Manager and we’ll show you all the new opportunities our new platform will bring. 

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